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Adopt a Pet

Rue & Effie

Available from Texas Rustlers

Small Animal Rescue

Rue and Effie.jpg

f you are interested in adopting please visit our website at and complete the on-line adoption application.

The pairs we have at our rescue are already bonded together. We cannot break them up, as they bond strongly and can suffer depression if they lose a friend. The singles that we have at our rescue have already suffered the loss of their companion or were raised alone and then surrendered to us.

The adoption donation is $80 for a single rabbit. The adoption donation is $120 for a pair.

All adoptions are done in person at the rescue, and we do not ship. Thank you for considering adopting from Texas Rustlers.


Available from DFW Rescue Me


Hi, I’m Magnus, an 8 year old Border collie mix. I’ve been a Lone Ranger all my life and kinda like it that way. I’m not always sure how to socialize with other pets, and sometimes ‘arguments’ arise about food or maybe a treat. Make no mistake, I absolutely love my humans because they give me scratches, cuddles, and treats. I would love a home with a big yard or property where I can run to my heart’s content. But I can be an escape artist, so the boundaries should be secure.

I am very loving and cuddly, but also very energetic, love to play with toys, love to dig, and run. I’m told I’m “brilliant”.  Maybe it’s because I so quickly learn commands like sit, down, and stay. I love to sun bathe but remember - I can jump really high. I truly need a furever home where I can thrive. Will you be my new family?

If you feel your home might be the right place for this wonderful dog, the place to start is with the adoption application found at  Once submitted, the foster will contact you to tell you more, and to arrange a meeting! The adoption fee for all of our dogs is $250.00, which includes their vaccinations and spay/neuter.

Magnus is participating in the DFW Rescue Me Guest Dog Program, so custody and ongoing care are provided by the foster, not by DFWRM.


Available from Legacy Boxer Rescue


Hi. My name is Kapono. My name means righteous in Hawaiian. My foster Momma felt this fit me because I am filled with pure joy and love despite the life I lived prior to LBR saving me. My foster Momma calls me her tiny dancer as I will dance in place from excitement when I see her. She also tells me I should have been named Besos (kiss) as I LOVE to give kisses! I believe the world can be made peaceful with boxer kisses, so I am working on this one human at a time.

I love everything in this world but birds. I just do not trust anything that can defy gravity and travel in the sky instead of the ground. Cats and squirrels also cannot be trusted. Anything that can climb a tree is once again defying gravity, which is just not natural. Some of my favorite things to do are riding in the car, going for walks, getting my belly rubbed, and giving kisses!

I like other dogs but would prefer they just be friends that do not live with me. I only have time to give and receive love from my humans. My ideal life would be to go for daily walks then lay on the couch snuggled next to my human.

I am ready for my furever home. Please contact your adoption counselor to talk to my foster Momma about me. I will be more than happy to go on one of my favorite things to do, car rides, and greet you with another o w of my favorite things to do, give kisses and let you run my soft belly.

Find out how to adopt Kapono here

Ka Chow

Available from Texas CARES


Hi, I’m Ka Chow, and I am a 6 year old lumber jack of a boy.  I weigh 17 pounds, but it’s pure muscle I tell you….MUSCLE! Okay, maybe I have a little fluff, but I’m actually just a big guy.  I’m longer and my stomach does not begin to touch the ground! That would be embarrassing!  Don’t mind the strange alien crops on my back, my foster mother took it upon herself to cut out matted hair. She promises me it will grow back! As for me, I want to be around my human, and I think I would love to lay in their lap or by them, but I’m not sure. I love attention, so I nudge with my head for more pets, and fall over for lots of pets, but picking me up makes me think you’re taking me to the vet or something, so I just want down.  I really don’t care if other cats live in my new home, I will just look and walk by. I do like to loiter about and flaunt my buff body, so be ready to feast your eyes on me.  I eat a normal amount of food, I don’t eat like a Viking, so that’s how I know I’m more muscle.  Like any civilized cat, I use the “john” as one should. If you want a lumber jack of a boy with the heart of a panda, I’m your man!

NOTICE: These pets are posted only as a courtesy to help local homeless animals find a home. URBAN URBANE is not affiliated with any rescue group and does not make any guarantee or claims as to the quality or nature of the animals or the rescue groups included here. Please direct all questions to the organizations responsible for the animals. URBAN URBANE cannot answer any questions about these pets or their availablity. Animals are switched out every three months, so the pet you are looking at may have been adopted in the mean time. 

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