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UUC Entrance Baseboard (c) 2015
UUC Gate Cobwebs (c) 2015
UUC Handrail (c) 2015
UUC Stainless Steel Elevator (c) 2016
UUC Washing Machine (c) 2015
UUC Algae and Mildew Removal (c) 2016
UUC Sidwalk 2 B&A (c) 2015
UUC Pool Equp Shed B&A (c) 2015
Before and After - Litter
UUC Sidwalk 1 B&A (c) 2015
UUC End of Alley (c) 2016
UUC Bench (c) 2015
UUC Laundry Room Floor (c) 2015
UUC Meter Shed B&A (c) 2015
Before and After - Dumpster Area 002

Granite countertops, hardwood floors, and recessed lighting are only some of the factors that define the value of your condo or townhome. The cleanliness and beauty of your property are equally important factors that influence the desirability and livability of your complex. 

URBAN URBANE can help you maintain the value and appearance of your property with worry-free weekly or bi-weekly services specifically tailored to meet your property's needs. 


Everything from picking up litter and dog waste and emptying the trash cans, to cleaning the laundry rooms, common hallways, elevators, and glass doors – URBAN URBANE can do it all.

With URBAN URBANE, you don't just hire a vendor, you get a partner who cares about your property just as much as you do. 


Turn your unkempt property into a place you're proud to call home. Contact me today to discover the full range of services available to your HOA.

Your neighbors will love you for it.



Thank you as always for the detailed updates. You really are the best I have seen in your field.

– Soozi Smith, CMCA®, AMS® | Knobler Property Management


You are doing a fabulous job for our clients!

– Gina Bender, CMCA®, AMS® | BPMI Association Services


[Cary's] s a treasure and I'm certainly very pleased with his work as [our] porter.

– Shannon S., HOA Board President


So appreciate all you do for us!  Not just the excellent job of keeping our complex clean but also reporting all the problems and notifying [management]. Without your photos none of us would have been aware of half of these problems.

– Debbie B., HOA Board Member

You have been doing an awesome job!

– Brandon B., HOA Board President


Have feedback for Cary? Send it in the message box below. Thank you.

When it needs to be right, you can't go wrong with URBAN URBANE.


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