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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - General


Is URBAN URBANE insured and bonded?

I carry general liability insurance, but as an independent cleaner with no employees, it is not necessary for me to be bonded.


Who will be cleaning my home or property?

I will. I am an independent cleaner and I do not have any employees.


You’ve stated that “some service limits apply.” What do you mean by this?

The limits apply to what I can do safely, and to what falls into the scope of my knowledge, ability, and field of work.

FAQs - Home Cleaning Services


I need help with other things at home from time to time, are you able to help me with other tasks?

In most cases, yes, but it would depend on if it was within the scope of my knowledge and abilities. However, I have always had a flexible and accommodating work policy, so I will always be available to help out when I can.


You stated that you provide the majority of cleaning supplies. What do you not provide?

For liability reasons, I do not provide wood floor cleaners, such as Bona, or carpet spot removers, such as Resolve. I also do not provide specialty cleaners, such as silver polish.


If I have my own products I trust and prefer, can you use these instead?



If I have a scheduling conflict, can I skip and reschedule my cleaning?

I will certainly try to accommodate you if I can, but since I am a solo cleaner, and since many of my days are full, I cannot guarantee that I can move you to a different day of the week.


Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. This can be discussed during an interview.


What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Cash and check.

FAQs -  HOA Cleaning / Porter Services


What kind of work will you be doing for my HOA?

Porter services inclues cleaning the common areas, both interior and exterior. I will remove litter and dog waste, empty trash cans, keep cobwebs under control, keep walkways clean, vacuum and mop entrances and hallways, clean glass doors, foyer furniture, lanudry rooms, and elevators, replace light bulbs, and much more. 

Is a contract required to hire URBAN URBANE?

No. I do not require my clients to sign a service term contract.


What do you do if bad weather prevents you from servicing a property?

That partially depends on how long the bad weather persists. In most cases, I either do a light service visit the same day, which concentrates only on the most pressing tasks needed on a property, or I try to visit the property the day after. In some cases I am able to do it the day before the bad weather is expected to arrive.


Do you offer pool maintenance services too?

All I am able to do is clean leaves from the pool and skimmer basket. Pool maintenance requires HAZMAT training and insurance, which I do not have.


Can you perform any maintenance, repairs, painting, or restoration work?

This type of work is outside the scope of my expertise, and I am not insured for this kind of work anyhow. (UUC liability insurance is for cleaning-related work only.)


Are you able to help us keep our supplies in stock, such as light bulbs, batteries, or air filters?

Yes. I can purchase and deliver these items for the HOA and submit the receipt for reimbursement at the end of the month. Dog waste bags should be ordered directly from the supplier. 

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