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Here you will find a collection of news links from around the web on cleaning, sanitation, household pests, recycling, and health and wellness. Posts are included for informational purposes only. Check back regularly for new articles, and please let me know if you find a broken link.

New links as of 2017.11.24


5 Things to Know About Expired Cleaning Products​

25 Things For Anyone Who's Lazy But Also Wants A Clean House​

How Hiring a House Cleaner Made Me Happier, Healthier and More Productive

How often you should clean your home, according to science

Why men still won’t get their hands dirty at home

You might be buying counterfeit laundry detergent without realizing it

What If We Didn't Care So Much About Housework?

Health & Wellness

Antibacterial Chemicals: The Most Pointless Stuff in Your Home

Bad News: Your shower loofah is way more gross than you think

The Disgusting Disease That’s On The Bottom Of Your Shoes

Do Toilets Sneeze?

The Doctor Who Championed Hand-Washing And Briefly Saved Lives

Early Exposure To Bacteria Protects Children From Asthma And Allergies

FDA Bans 19 Chemicals Used In Antibacterial Soaps

Fighting the Flu: Do Hand Sanitizers Work

Getting Clean: The Science of Soap

Gross facts you'll wish you could unlearn about your bedroom​

How Housework Can Make You Sick

Mounting data suggest antibacterial soaps do more harm than good

Should we throw in the towel and stop showering?​

Study Reveals Reusable Shopping Bags Could Harbor Bacteria, Including E. Coli, Coliform

How to Survive the Next Catastrophic Pandemic​

This article will make you want to wash your hands

This Is What Happens If You Don't Shower for Two Days​

The Unintended (and Deadly) Consequences of Living in the Industrialized World

What happens when you don't use a toilet seat cover?

What would happen if you didn't shower for a year?

Wherever You Go, Your Personal Cloud Of Microbes Follows

Why You Don't Want To Be Too Clean


'Dirty Old London': A History Of The Victorians' Infamous Filth

A Surprising Fact About Medieval Europeans: They Recycled

Household Pests

5 Things to Know About Mice in the Kitchen

Best Way to Search a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs 

Bedbugs are drawn to certain colors, study finds

Maryland tenant awarded $800,000 over bedbug infestation, eviction by landlord

Meet The Tiny Critters Thriving In Your Carpet, Kitchen And Bed

Scientists just completed a census of the creepy crawlies that live in our homes

Where do bedbugs come from?

Why bed bugs have made a horrifying comeback

Your house is a gigantic bug habitat, and there’s nothing you can do about it


8 Million Tons Of Plastic Clutter Our Seas

How to Overcome Litter Apathy

Plastic now pollutes every corner of earth

The Problem With Litter Isn’t Plastic, It’s Apathy​

Roadside Litter Piling Up: Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute

Societal Cost of Litter is Largely Hidden

Minimalism, Decluttering, and Organizing

Less is more as Japanese minimalist movement grows

Psychology & Emotion

Disgust Makes Dirt More Visible

The Science Of Revulsion: ‘Disgustologist’ Digs Deep Into Why We Get Grossed Out

Survival's Ick Factor

Women, Doing All The Household Chores Is Bad For Your Relationship

Recycling & Waste

4 big recycling myths tossed out

America's Television Graveyards

Banning Plastic Bags Is Great for the World, Right? Not So Fast

Dallas urges residents to report illegal dumping

The False Promise Of Biodegradable Plastics

Here’s Where Arlington’s Trash and Recycling Goes

The Market Failure of Plastic Bags

Sorting out your recycling questions

This company turns recycled plastic bags into designer furniture

Three Big Mistakes We Make With Recycling

The U.S. is still dumping toxic e-waste overseas

What not to put in the bin

Where do laptops go when they die?

Yes, Plastic Bag Recycling is Possible -- What to Know

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