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Product Recommendations

Below you will find products recommended by URBAN URBANE. 


I have had the opportunity to work with all the products listed here. My recommendations are not a guarantee of any product's reliability or quality, but I would not be suggesting them if I did not feel they were quality products. URBAN URBANE is not affiliated with any of these products or companies, and does not get any commission for recommending them.

SharkNavigator® Freestyle Cordless Vacuum


This is a lightweight and easy-to-use cordless vacuum with great suction. The battery charge won't last for hours, but usually lasts long enough to get the job done. If you have a two-story home, clean and vacuum one floor, then return vacuum to the charger. Then clean the other floor and finsh with a newly-charged battery if necessary. Emptying the cannister is a breeze.

This is for quick and basic vacuuming only. This model does not come with attachments.


From the website: A premium cordless, lightweight solution with exceptional pet hair pick-up, settings optimized for bare floor and carpet make this vacuum a must-have. Model #: SV1106

NOTICE 2018.01.01 - This model appears to be discontinued.

SWEEPA Duo Rubber Brush For Cleaning, Grooming, Lint and Fur Removal


A great rubber brush for removing lint, hair, pet hair from furniture and bedspreads. The lint and fur does not stick to the brush, but using the brush helps detach the hair from the surfaces it clings to so it can be knocked to the floor and easily vacuumed up.


  • Designed for grooming and cleaning. Long or short hair pets. Cats and dogs.

  • Fur and lint doesn't stick in between the bristles. Washes clean with soap and water.

  • Effectively removes lint and fur from furniture and clothing. Does a great job cleaning car seats and mats.

  • Two sided brush: Rougher side works better on furniture and upholstery. The softer side does a gentler job on pets or clothing.

  • Feels solid and doesn't slip in hand due to balanced handle. Made in Belgium.

Grab Green Automatic Dishwasher Pods


Looking for something new and a little more eco-friendly for your  dishwasher? URBAN URBANE recommends Grab Green Automatic Dishwasher Pods. I have used a number of different automatic dishwasher detergents over the years, and Grab Green has turned out to be one of my favorites.  It’s made with naturally derived ingredients and is not tested on animals. I prefer the Tangerine scent; it makes the kitchen smell great but doesn’t leave a lingering odor on dishes.

Hope’s Perfect Glass


I’ve been nothing less than enthusiastic when it comes to trying out new cleaning products,  both traditional and eco-friendly options. But when it comes to cleaning glass, I no longer even consider trying something new.


Hope’s Perfect Glass is by far the best glass and mirror cleaner I have come across. First, it has no strong or irritating odors to contend with, and it does a wonderful job of leaving a streak-free shine. The exception to this is when you try to use it on exterior glass doors and windows on extremely humid days, which is understandable, of course.


It also does a great job of removing tape adhesive residue from glass surfaces.


Available at Lowes, Home Depot, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

ECOS™ Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent, Free & Clear

I must admit that I often worry about the amount of manufactured chemicals we put into our water supply, but I am unsure how to avoid the problem completely. 

In the US alone, there must be millions of loads of laundry done every single day, so it is worth being careful about the kind of laundry detergent we use. 

Over the years I have tried numerous brands, both traditional and eco-friendly, and with mixed results. (I even tried using hot water only or water and white vinegar only.) While I often felt better about using green products, they did not always give me the results I wanted. Then I tried ECOS!

I was initially hesitant to make pay as much as I did for yet another brand that I wasn't even sure I'd like, but it was a bet that paid off. 

ECOS gets my clothes clean and they don't smell sour like some green detergents leave them. It also has a built-in fabric softener that softens my clothes without leaving a strange film on them. And best of all, it doesn't make me itch.

I have been very happy with this product and highly recommend it. 

From the website:

ECOS Free & Clear is not only fragrance-free but also free of dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates, dioxane, and other harmful ingredients used in most conventional detergents. Our plant-derived science is inspired by a desire to preserve your clothes, our environment, and your family’s health as long as possible. Hypoallergenic. Loves colors, whites, and all fabrics. For hot and cold water, HE and standard machines.

Shark® IONFlex™ 2X DuoClean® Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

I recently purchased one of these for use in both the properties and homes I clean, and for the most part I have been happy with it. 

The IONFlex Cordless is battery-operated and comes with two batteries and a charger. While the batteries can't keep up with my largest jobs, they should last long enough for most homes.

It also comes with an array of very convenient attachments, which is something the Shark Navigator® cordless did not have, and the multiFLEX™ tube makes getting under beds and furniture a breeze. 

This model is somewhat quieter than most vacuums, but still does an astounding job of picking up pet hair and dirt from carpet and hard floors. 

The handle and motor also detach to create a hand-held vacuum that can be used with the attachments. 

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect tool, and the IONFlex is no exception. The DuoClean® rolls do such a wonderful job of getting up pet hair that it can easily become compacted around the rollers, and will need to be cleaned regularly. This, and a few other minor design issues are the only grievances I have with this model.

Nonetheless, I can comfortably recommend the IONFlex as a well-engineered and versatile vacuum for any home.

NOTICE 2021.02.13 - This model appears to be discontinued.

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