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Product Review: Grab Green Natural Cleaning Products

I will have to admit that I do enjoy testing and evaluating different kinds of cleaning products, but testing everything that is on the market would be a far too costly and impractical endeavor for just little ol' me. Of those that I have I have tested, however, I've learned that many do not cut muster or perform in the manner in which they claim (which includes many so-called green products).

Nonetheless, earlier this year I had the opportunity to buy several Grab Green products all at once during an in-store promotion. I purchased a large bag of automatic dishwasher pods (powder form), a bottle each of the all-purpose cleaner and the power degreaser, the liquid hand soap, and the liquid dish soap, all with the Tangerine and Lemongrass scent.

Grab Green promotes its products as being non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, and not tested on animals. Their products do not contain any “phthalates, solvents, ammonia, phosphates, fillers, optical brighteners, masking agents or dyes.”

As I mentioned in Impeccable Issue No. 1, I have been very pleased with the dishwasher pods. I have tried a variety of dishwasher detergents over the years, including Seventh Generation, which I was not at all happy with, and Cascade Actionpacs (lavender scent) which I was equally disappointed with. The Cascade worked fine as a detergent and cleaner, but the lavender scent lingered on my dishes and I could smell it with every sip of water – and that just didn’t work for me!

The Grab Green dishwasher pods have worked great. The tangerine scent fills the kitchen while the dishes are washing, but leaves no lingering odor on my dishes. When the cycle is done, my dishes come out clean and spotless. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I am one of those persons who rinses his dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. I only run my dishwasher every 3 to 4 days, and leaving dirty dishes to ripen in the dishwasher is not something I can live with. I also frequently add distilled white vinegar to the bottom, so this may also affect performance and outcome. Be that as it may, following this protocol has not left me with any complaints. However, anyone who does not rinse their dishes before placing them in the dishwasher may get different results. Just sayin'.

I am also happy with the all-purpose cleaner spray, which I have used in the kitchen but not the bathrooms. There is nothing about this cleaner that strikes me as being characteristically unique from other natural all-purpose cleaners. It does what it’s supposed to do. It smells nice and does a good enough job on my Formica countertops. (I do not have natural stone in my home, so have not used it on any natural stone or tile.) But again, I think I need to specify that I keep my counters pretty clean to begin with. I usually keep messes wiped up with a damp dishcloth as I prep and cook, so I typically follow up with a cleaning spray only on my final wipe down of the counters and sink. At this level of usage the all-purpose cleaner performs as I need and expect it to, and I think anyone would be happy with it under similar circumstances. (It will not sanitize or disinfect contact surfaces though. It is a cleaner, not a disinfectant.)

The power degreaser has been a different story. I have a traditional metal stovetop with coil burners, and while the power degreaser does get the oily drips and splashes up, it leaves behind a terrible opaque film that I can only get up by buffing and buffing and buffing with a dry cloth. I’ve not been happy with this particular product and rarely use it.

I would have to give a hand to the liquid hand soap though. (See what I did there.) This hand soap works fine, exactly like you need a hand soap to perform, and the light tangerine scent makes washing your hands a fragrant task. But best of all, the scent doesn't linger. I have used Mrs. Meyers in the past, and while it works well as a hand soap, the scent stayed on my hands way too long. This was an issue when I had to scratch my nose, or tried to eat an apple or sandwich. The scent of bluebell flowers just doesn’t blend well with turkey and Swiss cheese. But this is not a problem with the Grab Green. The burst of scent you get when you wash your hands only lasts for a short while.

Lastly, there is the liquid dish soap, to which I will also give a thumbs up. Again, there’s nothing in particular that stands out as unique about this product. It performs exactly as I expected it would, and I’m happy that the scent doesn't linger on my dishes.

If you visit you’ll find other products not reviewed here, including room and fabric fresheners, glass cleaners, laundry detergents, body soaps, and much more, all in scents that include, among others, red pear and magnolia, lavender and vanilla, water lily, and gardenia.


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